Removal of used cooking oil

Rotie ensures that you as a catering entrepreneur no longer need worry about the removal of your used cooking oil. We offer a regular pickup service for snack bars and restaurant chains, corporate catering and care institutions, etc. We pick up when it suits you and always turn up on time.
Environmental regulations in the catering industry have been considerably tightened in recent years.
Demonstrable, sustainable waste removal has become mandatory. You therefore receive a destruction certificate from us that shows that your used cooking oil has been removed and processed in a sustainable manner.


Rotie provides a sustainable environmental-friendly process; it picks up used cooking oil and this is recycled at our sister company Biodiesel Amsterdam into second generation biodiesel. This biodiesel is added to the diesel you put in your tank every day. Biodiesel reduces C02 emission by more than 80% as compared with fossil fuel.
Rotie is REDcert-EU and REDcert-DE certified by independent certification institutions.

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