Removal of organic waste materials

You are not only looking for the best price for all your different waste flows, but also for someone that thinks together with you and goes that one step further. Rotie will take care of the optimum implementation of the environmental and financial aspects of your waste policy. We are expert in the area of removing and processing organic factory waste. Rotie takes care of the removal of:

  • Organic factory waste, such as kitchen waste and category 3 material
  • Industrial production waste
  • Out-of-date products
Industrial production waste

In the food industry interruption of your production line is already serious enough. To prevent problems escalating the unusable material released should therefore be removed as quickly as possible. The correct procedure is then vital.

Rotie is available 24 hours a day to support you in the case of emergencies. In addition to a speedy resolution of the problem, you can agree a permanent removal procedure for your regular waste flows. You then have one contact point for all your waste management – resulting in considerable time savings and financial benefits too.

Out-of-date products

Products that have exceeded their use-by date must be removed and destroyed by a recognised waste removal company. Rotie will take care of the removal and processing of these products for you.
Environmental regulations have been considerably tightened in recent years. Demonstrable, sustainable waste removal has become mandatory. You therefore receive a destruction certificate from us that shows the sustainable removal and processing of your waste.

Green energy

Rotie produces biogas from organic factory waste, industrial production waste and out-of-date products by fermentation. This biogas is used as a raw material for the production of green energy.

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