Emptying grease traps and sewer technology

Dutch legislation has stated that it wants to protect the environment by setting requirements with regard to the discharge of waste water contaminated with vegetable and animal oils and/or fats. Catering establishments and organisations in the food industry are therefore obliged to install a fat separator. The fat separator should be emptied and cleaned regularly, at least once a year, to guarantee that it operates properly. Maintenance can be carried out by the certified cleaning company EMS.

Work method

Well trained drivers with high-quality material are planned in as efficiently as possible to minimise the distance travelled. Rotie takes care of the emptying and thorough cleaning of the fat separator. The flushing of inflow and outflow pipes and inspection are included in this. After this has been completed you receive written proof that the maintenance has been carried out.

Green energy

Rotie produces biogas from organic material by fermentation. This biogas is used as a raw material for the production of green energy.

Sewer technology and breakdowns

Problems with your sewer or pump or a problem with odour? Together with professional EMS Rotie offers support with odour problems, breakdowns and blockages. We have the necessary tools and equipment to analyse and solve your sewer problems quickly. For advice and immediate support in the case of emergencies call the 24-hour service: +31(0)20-2607260. Rotie can help you with:

  • Emptying and cleaning your pump sump and fat separator
  • Preventing and solving problems with odour, blockages and breakdowns
  • Maintenance of your pump sump and fat separator
  • Installing a new fat separator